World Blockchain STO Summit

Conferences 29 Apr,2019, 8:30am to 4:30pm Dubai - United Arab Emirates





Blockchain is a way of structuring data in
a way that makes an immutable, distributed, chronological, public ledger of
transaction. Blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin and other
cryptocurrencies possible. However, cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) are just
the easiest way to leverage blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is set
to enter a new era in 2019, with many industry experts expecting the technology
to be more widely adopted by mainstream companies, charities and financial
organizations. There are promising technological advances in other sectors that
will allow blockchain to play a more prominent role in everyday life. We will
explore what exactly distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchain) is, why
everyone from local, state and international Governments, to the UN, IMF and
Global Fortune 500 companies are investing billions into this new technology
that is being called the “Internet 3.0”. 

A crypto token that passed the Howey Test
is deemed a security token. These usually derive their value from an external,
tradable asset. Because the tokens are deemed a security, they are subject to
federal securities and regulations. If all the regulations are properly met,
then these tokens have immensely powerful use-cases. Security and asset-backed
tokens appear to be one of the prominent points of interest in the emerging
cryptocurrency landscape. Such is the popularity of the sector that some
experts predict that security tokens could become a multi trillion-dollar
market within the next decade.

We are extremely pleased to announce that
we will be hosting the “World Blockchain STO Summit” in Dubai on 29-30 April
2019. Bringing together the greatest world-class Blockchain Technology
pioneers, STO experts, providers of solutions which will resonate with everyone
that attend in order to allow them to explore first-hand the many potential of
security token offering through the uses of Blockchain technology. The Summit
will help attendees understands this innovating concept, and bring projects in
this space to mainstream. Moreover, there will also be strong focus on
educating organizations on the value the Blockchain & STO can bring to the

  • Showcase your innovations to a highly targeted audience
  • Meet top influencers and thought leaders
  • Engage in high value partnerships with global institutions looking to enter emerging markets
  • Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the future of the industry
  • Increase awareness of your company and attract new business. Network in informal surroundings to ensure lasting relationships
  • Ensure decision makers have hands on first experience for your products/Services
  • Enhance visibility of your brand in front of global leaders in Blockchain & Fintech

World Blockchain STO Summit offers an incomparable platform to connect with industry experts, get your business done and position your company for future success. Attending the event will help you to:

  • Broaden your exposure in the marketplace and create a positive impression on as many people in your business community as possible
  • Identify those who might be prospects for your products or services.
  • Build relationships with those who offer products or services that might be of value to you or your clients
  • Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the future of the industry
  • Build relationships with those who might become referrals or strategic partners
  • Build relationships with those who are influential in your business community
  • Build relationships with those who might provide business counsel or become advisors or mentors
  • Build relationships with those who can further your caree

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates


29 Apr,2019


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