2nd Blockchain Technology Summit

Conferences 16 May,2019, 8:30am to 4:30pm Amsterdam, Netherlands


The next great disruptor, Blockchain, is seemingly here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, but it is set to dramatically alter our lives in the very near future. Likened to the advent of the internet itself, Blockchain technology has the power to transform how we do everyday tasks, reinventing economics and the exchange of information as it does so.

From healthcare and government to insurance and retail, Blockchain will directly impact industry, affecting both customer and supplier. While the true potential of Blockchain has yet to be fully explored or exploited, the time is fast approaching. Before we know it, this simple yet crucial technological advance will change the game for good.

It is therefore important to not just keep up to date on the latest developments and trends, but to be aware of where things are set to go in the future. At the 2nd Global Blockchain Innovation Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to see and hear just that, as forward-thinking innovators from a range of sectors discuss how Blockchain has (and has the potential to) affect their business.

Presented by Corporate Parity, the summit will take an in-depth look at cyber security, regulation, industry applications, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and much more.

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Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport


Amsterdam, Netherlands


16 May,2019


Corporate Parity


Czech Republic